My research is in social/political philosophy, feminist philosophy, Indigenous philosophy, and social epistemology.

My doctoral thesis (Unable to Hear: Settler Ignorance and the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission) articulates a novel theoretical framework of settler ignorance, which reveals how the elimination of Indigenous peoples requires their delegitimatization as knowers. I am currently finalizing my book proposal for my manuscript Settler Ignorance.

I am also working on an original conception of vulnerable agency as a way to construct more effective self-defence pedagogy. My project considers the experience of hypervulnerability alongside the political salience of the ambiguity of vulnerability. As such, it both recognizes the centrality of vulnerability—all the while identifying factors that heighten the vulnerability to violence—and conceives of vulnerability in a way that is not mutually exclusive to empowerment. My investigations into the ethical and political salience of embodied vulnerability are both motivated by the feminist self-defence movement in violence prevention education, and by the increasing rates of mass shootings in the United States.

I have diverse interests that span philosophical traditions and topics: feminist theory; Indigenous philosophy; phenomenology; early modern rationalism (esp. Spinoza); formal logic; and political philosophy. What connects these varied research interests is my steadfast belief that philosophy can examine our concepts and practices in order to solve public problems.


  • The Inter-American Philosophy Award
    Best submitted paper concerning Latin American, Latino/a, or indigenous philosophies across the Americas. SAAP (Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy), Annual Meeting, 2021
  • Douglass Greenlee Prize
    Best paper presented by either a graduate student or a person holding a Ph.D. for no more than five years. SAAP (Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy), Annual Meeting, 2021
  • Research Option and Scholarly Activity Grant,
    University of the Fraser Valley, 2019‑2020
  • Eric Englund Fellowship,
    University of Oregon, 2018‑2019 (Declined)
  • Oregon Humanities Center Dissertation Fellowship,
    University of Oregon, Fall 2018 (Declined)
  • Margaret J. Wiese Graduate Research Award,
    Graduate School, University of Oregon, 2017
  • Oregon Humanities Center Graduate Support Fellow,
    University of Oregon, 2017
  • CSWS (Center for the Study of Women in Society) Graduate Student Research Grant,
    University of Oregon, 2017
  • FEAST (Feminist Ethics and Social Theory) Best Graduate Paper, 2017
  • Philosophy Matters Graduate Essay Prize,
    University of Oregon, 2016
  • Ila and John Mellow Prize,
    SAAP (Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy), Annual Meeting, 2016
  • Educational Grant, Fonds de Recherche du Québec, Société et culture (FRQSC), 2016‑2018
  • Educational Grant, Saint‑Andrew Society of Montreal, 2013‑2017

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